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Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Look at Few Good Stocks !!

Portfolio Plan for Long Term-
Just Analyzing some of the well known stocks owned by Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - the Warren Buffett of India.
Does that mean, I am going to buy them right now - A BIG NO.  Why, because
1) He is a man with deep pockets & can remain still in big draw downs
2) He has different plans & goals than me as we are miles apart in our situations.
3) He can't be IN & OUT of stocks so easily & frequently as me.
4) For me, the only way to analyze stocks is Technicals..
BUT, he must have worked out for better Fundamentals so i hope no sudden crash can happen in these stocks. Lets see 6 of them what we can consider for any entry as they are in Strong Uptrends (other than these stocks didn't interest me as they are not sinking in with NIFTY broader trend)-
Remember, these are Weekly Charts as are Long term-
1) TITAN: Uptrend with BPB of Range High, but Volume not Supporting, so Score given = 80 %
 2) LUPIN: Strong Uptrend, to enter in any PB. Score given = 100%

3) RALLIS: Good BPB & now giving a PB with lower volumes. Score i give = 90%

4) ESCORT: First a BOF & now Range BO with great Volume. Can enter here as an old Fluid here. Score given = 100%
5) AUTO IND: First a BOF & now a BO with good volume. Can consider now BO for entry or at BPB as per risk. Score given = 100%
6) CRISIL: Strong Uptrend with a small Range consolidation. BO with low volume. Can see for BPB. Score given = 90%
& one from my Side-
7) AURO PHARMA: A Strong Uptrend. It can be Overbought, so should wait for a minor Consolidation & then BO
Readers can enter as per their Long term plans & strategies..


  1. Thank you Sir for sharing all these charts. As one can observe, DP concepts of BPB, BOF, price moving in to a higher/lower range hold good for higher time frame also.


  2. Deven

    Good analysis. Thanks for the charts.


  3. Good analysis. good stocks. thank you