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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

How to Locate Strong Setups -2 !!

(SS) Strong Setups Series - 2

Hey All, I am back after a long break !!  Hope everyone is doing great ..

Lets come back to Business ! Strong Setups-  For me, Price & Bollinger is all it requires to locate them. I am an intraday Nifty player, so will be fetching the charts of max 30 mins..  

1) Base of the Strong setups is to identify your Bias- Up or Down (yes No Sideways). We don't need any stupid thing to identify Trend.. If The Price is at the Right Upper edge of chart its Uptrend & if Price is at Right Lower edge, its Downtrend. Keep it Dirt simple !!

Lets see in below charts- One is Daily Chart & next is 15 min Nifty chart-

I am not gonna tell the answer, You are absolutely Right !! That's it, Is it too difficult to identify trend?  This gives us our 1st Rule- We will trade only in Trend direction for High probability strong setups, till our 1st Stop Loss gets hit, YES,  till our 1st Stop Loss gets Hit. Trading is Painful journey, Embrace.. 
(Though we will reduce this SL hitting chances considerably, but be prepared for all consequences)
This SL hitting really works, this helps in getting in each & every setup without any doubt, thereby increasing the effectiveness of system.
Trading is a probability game. If you will not take each & every trade, till you click the counter upto 30, you will eventually stuck in Bad trades & will loose the Best Ones  cursing ME :(

Now fetch some of the stock charts & check the trend thinking what should had been done today  trading them !


  1. Simply simple yet valuable!

  2. Glad you back Deven. Thank you and keep posting!

  3. Thanks, will be here even with my daily updates from nowonwards..