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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Expiry Special- 24.02.2016

Expiry Special:  These days are not meant to change positions intraday ..frequently. At this time, when many advisors are giving Expiry calls at so & so price.. Here is my opinion... ABSOLUTELY FREE..
(Disclaimer-Plz don't take it as Buy or Sell recommendation for any reason. Your decision will be your own)

As Expected, nifty took resistance from the zone marked in last post & i added my 50% shorts again at 7200 break. Closed 25% of recently added today EOD at 7020 with 180 Pts. Rest 25% kept with SL at 7050 NS. Old 50% still intact with SL at 7510 NS.

Now, as 7000 is a big round number , a good bounce is expected. If tomorrow by 11 AM, Nifty is below 6980, Shorts are safe, Else is Nifty hovers above 7000 (& better above 7045), then we can Go LONG with SL at 6975 for atleast 7400 NS..

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