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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Journal - 22.06.2016

Gave OK BTST and crashed as expected.. Tomorrow is Brexit News and also my system signal is Invalid- so No Position.

Total 100
For Date Journal Entry NF  @ 3.25 EXIT 1 EXIT 2 P/L in pts
17-Jun-16 BTST 8153 8203 8205 102
18-Jun-16 Flat to STBT       0 No Position, but STBT worked
20-Jun-16 BTST 8250 8248 8233 -19
21-Jun-16 BTST 8224 8222 8243 17 Expecting Volatile Day.
Big Gap Up and may be a good Crash
22-Jun-16 Invalid Signal         No Position


  1. Hi Deven,
    Can you please let me know when to trail and where to exit the second lot?


    1. Hi Anon,

      If in Profit, Trail on each 5 min candle low (as per my system) or as per your system.