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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Journal - 28.06.2016

Total 692
For Date Journal Entry NF  @ 3.25 EXIT 1 EXIT 2 P/L in pts Remarks
17-Jun-16 BTST 8153 8203 8205 102  
18-Jun-16 Flat to STBT         No Position,
but STBT worked
20-Jun-16 BTST 8250 8248 8233 -19  
21-Jun-16 BTST 8224 8222 8243 17 Expecting Volatile Day.
Big Gap Up and may be a good Crash
22-Jun-16 Invalid Signal         No Position
23-Jun-16 STBT 8280 8034 7960 566 Expecting Volatile Day.
Gap Down then may turn good UP
NEWS day, so one can hold more/ positional
24-Jun-16 STBT 8080 8055 8079 26  
27-Jun-16 BTST to Flat         No Position, but BTST then a Crash expected
28-Jun-16 STBT          

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