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Monday, 11 July 2016

Journal - 11.07.2016

Got much more than expected today.. All the moves are nowadays coming in BTST/ STBT form !! No much movement intraday after market open..leaving general public waiting for right moment and getting trapped.. Big Players ..Great Players.. Great Game ..

Total 367
For Date Journal Entry NF  @ 3.25 EXIT 1 EXIT 2 P/L in pts Remarks
1-Jul-16 BTST to Flat         No Position.
Expecting Volatile Day
4-Jul-16 BTST 8386 8379 8378 -15  
5-Jul-16 STBT         No Position
7-Jul-16 STBT 8364 8310 8310 108 Should not be big one, then can go Up
8-Jul-16 BTST 8334 8469 8473 274  
11-Jul-16 BTST         Reversal expected 

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