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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Journal - 14.07.2016

Today, couldn't update on time as i was away from Terminal..
Exited one part at same rate and rest carried as BTST for tomorrow..
Not counting it in BTST pts.. as well as in any new position..
Total 401
For Date Journal Entry NF  @ 3.25 EXIT 1 EXIT 2 P/L in pts Remarks
1-Jul-16 BTST to Flat         No Position.
Expecting Volatile Day
4-Jul-16 BTST 8386 8379 8378 -15  
5-Jul-16 STBT         No Position
7-Jul-16 STBT 8364 8310 8310 108 Should not be big one, then can go Up
8-Jul-16 BTST 8334 8469 8473 274  
11-Jul-16 BTST 8493 8510 8510 34 Reversal expected 
12-Jul-16 BTST to Flat         No Position.
Changed to STBT in end
13-Jul-16 BTST 8517 8517 8517 0 Mkt may give good Short intraday and further
14-Jul-16 BTST          


  1. Hi Deven,
    which broker do you trade with? Also, which platform do you use? At times I've faced serious (login, disconnection) issues with Zerodha trader, Kite, PI.

    This is because, at market open, if I could not log into the terminal, calculations (trading system)goes for toss. Your system requires a very stable platform as you exit at day open.


    1. I normally use Zerodha terminal, No Kit/ PI etc in the morning.
      For Intraday trades, i use Tradetiger and Google charts (on separate laptop).

      Exits are always complicated and subjective as it depends from Trader to trader. I prefer to use simple rules-
      1) If in Profit, trail at 5 min candles etc.
      2) If mkt is flat (5-10 pts from close), wait for 1-2 mins and take the decision.
      3) If in loss, Exit Immediately.