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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Journal - 12.07.2016

Ranging Day.. seems BTST but No Clear signal.. ( No Position is a position in Trading).

Total 401
For Date Journal Entry NF  @ 3.25 EXIT 1 EXIT 2 P/L in pts Remarks
1-Jul-16 BTST to Flat         No Position.
Expecting Volatile Day
4-Jul-16 BTST 8386 8379 8378 -15  
5-Jul-16 STBT         No Position
7-Jul-16 STBT 8364 8310 8310 108 Should not be big one, then can go Up
8-Jul-16 BTST 8334 8469 8473 274  
11-Jul-16 BTST 8493 8510 8510 34 Reversal expected 
12-Jul-16 BTST to Flat         No Position.


  1. It Seems STBT !! Longs not safe..IMO

  2. >>No Position is a position in Trading

    Had never thought this way!!


    1. Yeah.. "Lets take this" is much Easier than "Lets avoid it" ..and waiting for right moment !!