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Sunday, 24 January 2016

A Trade - Point to Ponder !!

Positionally: Either a Long or a Short is going to Happen.. I am in shorts and many people are in longs, who keep asking me, why not to take this Great looking Breakout.. what will happen Next ??
My Answer is - I Really Don't Know ! & Nobody knows..
I have taken my high probability trade which looked sweet to my eyes. .Will it hit my Tgt or my SL?? I really don't know & am least bothered about !
Not bothered - because i don't judge my results by a single trade, but a bunch of atleast 30 trades..

Lets see how Market unfolds..


  1. Dear Devan

    Do you prefer to hold the positional shorts in future (or) in options? Reasons please.
    Yes. Even I do believe that there will be pullback before leaping.



    1. Positional Options in current contracts is not good as premium is too high and will be certainly eaten before this expiry (& this is the only point against shorts LOL).
      So, I prefer to enter in Futures for swing trades.