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Friday, 22 January 2016

Intraday Trades - 22.01.2016

Intraday: A Gap Up.. Took first longs as a BPB inline with the yesterday pattern. Closed on the pink line marked above PDH.
Took a Short as per Plan on NF 7420. A bad judgement as it was directly into DP -PDH. Sat till the end, so missed the Squeeze marked in Black.
Have some Positional Shorts also for Monday, lets see how market unfolds..


  1. Hi Deven,
    Will you take trades after 5 min candle close? or SL Limit order entry?

    1. Always limit Order. No significance of candle close in 5 min timeframe.

  2. Also where you put initial SL for first trade?

    Don't mind for too many questions.


    1. My First SL was Big- below Old RL. Generally i use last pivots as my SL & if my Reward Tgt seems quite Ok, i go for wider stops..