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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Squeeze Examples - 2

I have collected few more Squeeze examples deliberately of different types, to help understand better..
Few are already triggered, few are going to trigger..

1) BPCL: Squeeze triggered once, then one single Red candle touched both UBB + LBB..  What to DO?? Keep Mulling over it..

2) Apollo: Too good Downtrend, Will we get an opportunity at (2) ?

3) Amaraja: Is it going to Trigger? can i bet my House  on it :)

4) Kaveri : Is anticipation going to be correct or a Breakout upwards from old Supports..??

5) Jubiliant: Just think if we are late to enter or shall we enter on this Red candle high?

6) LIC Housing: Its already triggered? Anybody caught.. Another Pattern - Taps on DP in process.. will it breakout.. think about it..

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  1. Hi Deven...

    Thanks for another examples of squeeze. I'm looking forward for another ones :-)