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Friday, 8 January 2016

Intraday Trades - 08.01.2016

Intraday: A Perfect range day. A Gap up against the bias which was negative, Left the Longs (though a good setup formed at DL marked with rectangle but avoided as it wasn't a high probability trade) and focused on Shorts, 2 opportunities identified-
1) Short on BOF of DH with a Tag. Closed at cost.
2) Another short on BOF of DH. No COBB signalling no Strength . Finally 20 pts taken completing my daily target.


  1. Deven - Your chart studies are very illuminating. How are you importing NSE intraday to TradingView? Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Oh ! I don't do anything much. My trading PC have different softwares - Tradetiger, Metatrader & PI. Generally i post in leisure time from surfing PC, so use Marketcalls.com free charts. If you wanna try it, it runs with 5 min delay intraday.

      My trading screen is having Black & white candles or Bars instead of candles..